Achyuthan Jootoo

PhD Candidate


I am an engineer and an inter-disciplinary researcher with a background in structural engineering and optimization. My broad research interests are in the application of optimization to improve performance and efficiency across domains. My current research focus is in the use of topology optimization for optimal structural design. I am an expert in the use of evolutionary algorithms and knowledgeable about population-based search techniques in general. My skillsets span structural engineering, optimization, machine learning and algorithm development.

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Current Research

Topology Optimization (TO) for Structural Design

This study used topology optimization (TO) and evaluated its applicability in structural design. Topology optimization has been used to optimally design monolithic mechanical and aeronautical components. Due to a monolithic optimized structure, TO's applicability in structural design has been limited. In order to use TO in structural design, a methodology was developed, which uses TO to generate structures, converts it into a "joints and structural members" representation and finally optimizes it using an optimization heuristic. The structures designed using TO showed performance comparable with optimized structures from the literature.

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Detecting joints and structural members in a TO structure

The result obtained via TO is a monolithic structure. However, a structure in practice is an assembly of different structural elements, and hence the TO result obtained needs to be processed before it can be converted to a structure. In this study, different algorithms were developed to detect the joints and structural members in a TO structure. Detecting the joints and members makes the representation of the structure suitable for futher optimization. The algorithms developed showed very good performance on the structures used for testing. A conference paper based on this work will be presented at IWCCE 2017.

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